Why is my 64GB Thumb Drive Only 32GB?

Episode 1573 (1:49:44)

Mark from Effingham, Illinois
 thumb drives

Mark uses thumb drives to transfer data and then format them. But when using 64GB drives, when he formats them, it formats to 32GB. What gives? Leo says it's probably either a counterfeit drive or a faulty drive that's losing sectors. Even if he bought it on Amazon, he could end up getting a counterfeit drive if not careful. But when formatting, the OS can decide to write off bad or unreliable sectors as well.

The chatroom suggests to open it up with a partitioning program and try recreating it that way. Windows Key X select Disk Management. https://www.howtogeek.com/235824/how-to-clean-a-flash-drive-sd-card-or-i...