Why does my iPhone drop WiFi all the time?

Episode 1573 (32:30)

Bill from Huntington Beach, California
iphone x

Bill is having issues with losing the internet on his iPhone X. Leo says that this is a known issue with the iPhone X, and he thinks it may be a manufacturing issue. He recommends bringing it into the Apple Store. Since he loses connectivity on his network, and it comes back after he reboots the router, that leads him to believe that the router is losing the iPhone's IP address. He can set a static IP address on the phone in the settings, but he'll have to go into the router settings to reserve the IP address. A new router could solve this issue, but don't spend money unless necessary.

Lastly, when all else fails, he can do a DFU reset, which will rewrite the firmware completely. But it also wipes the entire phone, so make sure to backup data first.