Johnny Jet ... Permanently Jet-lagged

Episode 1572 (1:13:11)

Johnny Jet

A great site for cheap flights is TravelGam. It shows the cheapest weekend to visit in an eight-month period. He's not a fan of the booking sites they partner with, though, so go straight to the airline or another booking site like Travelocity, Kayak, or Expedia to actually book your flight. If travelling to NY, there is a website that shows all the New York construction in all five boroughs. Check it out here -

Travel Tip - Before you book a trip, make sure there isn't a huge conference going on where you're travelling, as that could raise the price for your hotel room. Johnny Jet says that's the ideal time to use Airbnb.

Travel news - Hotel Tonight has been bought by Airbnb for $400 million in cash and stock. Hotel Tonight is a great site for booking a last-minute deal.