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Episode 1572 March 9, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jason from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Jason bought a new HP laptop and wants to know how he can back it up while it's still pristine. Leo says he can create an image using imaging software and save it to a USB key.
Imaging options:

  • Clonezilla
  • EaseUS
  • Drive Snapshot
  • Macrium
  • DriveImageXML
  • Terabyte Image for Windows
  • For the Mac, Leo uses SuperDuper. The nice thing about SuperDuper is that one can create a bootable image.

    One can also create a bootable USB key with Windows 10 using Microsoft's media creation tool.

    Watch Perry from Glendale, California Comments

    Perry uses Outlook and he doesn't get attachments. Plus Outlook keeps freezing. Leo says that he can go into the settings and enable "include attachments", but it's turned off by default for security reasons. As for the freezing, Outlook saves data in a PST file and sometimes it gets corrupted. When it does, it can cause Outlook to freeze. Run SCAN PST to fix it. But Leo says that Outlook is a bag of hurt and another email program would be much easier to deal with.

    Watch Nathan from Spearfish, South Dakota Comments

    Nathan wants to know if there's any recourse if a company isn't protecting his passwords. Leo says in Europe they have the GDPR, but in the US the only real protection is through HIPPA in the medical field. Leo recommends talking to Brian Krebbs at Krebbs on Security and asking him how he should write a letter to warn them of their liability.

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    Watch Don from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

    Don has some Kodak photo CDs that he'd like to retrieve images from. He heard that Contenta is a good option, but it's pricey and Leo says he shouldn't have to spend any money on it. Unfortunately, photo CDs from the 90s were stored by Kodak in a proprietary PCD format. Leo recommends IrfanView since it can read PCD files. Don should be able to see them, open the files in IrfanView, and get them off into a more palpable format like JPG. But if he can't see them, says PCD to JPG converter can do it as well.
    Scooter X in the chatroom says that Kodak's page on PCD is still alive -

    Watch Mike from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

    Mike got an iPhone from his daughter and wants to know how to use it. Leo says that the first thing he needs to do is remove it from Find my iPhone (using her iCloud password), then wipe it. Once that's done, he can reset the iPhone and insert a new SIM. Here's how -

    Since Mike is legally blind, he'll need to go into the accessibility settings to enable screen reader, larger text, and other details. Leo says the iPhone is actually ideal for visually impaired people. More details here -

    Watch Tom from Chino Hills, CA Comments

    Tom bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 while he was travelling and now that he's back, it won't support WiFi calling. Leo says that Verizon supports VoLTE, so contact Verizon and ask them to turn on HD Voice. Tom can also turn it on with the MyVerizon app or the Verizon Account page.

    Audience QuestionsHour 3

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    Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

    Joey wants to know if the new Net Neutrality bill will pass. Leo says probably not. The Senate is controlled by one party that isn't in favour of Net Neutrality and the president wouldn't sign it if it did. Their view is that the government shouldn't regulate the internet. But Leo says that while that's true, it's a good idea to have a check and balance on the internet service providers.

    Should you use 2-factor authentication? Leo says yes, but Leo isn't a fan of 2FA over SMS text messaging. It's too easy to spoof, but it's better than nothing.

    Watch Tom from Canyon Lake, CA Comments

    Tom got a Google Nexus 6, but the image stabilization in the camera doesn't work, and Motorola (who made it) and Google won't support it. Leo says that Motorola doesn't support it because Google sold it to a company in China, and It's one of the sad things about the phone industry. Leo says if you can return it, do so and get the Motorola Moto G6.

    Watch Svera from Oslo, Norway Comments

    Svera is a podcaster and his current podcast host is shutting down and is offering no support to redirect his podcasts to another host. It took him five months to make a transition and it nearly killed his audience. Leo says that's why it's so important to keep control of all your domain names. Don't let your host control that, as when they go out of business, you lose your site. When you control your domain name, you can easily set up a redirect. Leo also suggests getting it up over to Anchor.FM. It was just bought by Spotify and they're looking to turn it into the Youtube of podcasting.

    Watch Jacob from Birmingham, AL Comments

    Jacob runs a website that monitors the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Nobody seems to be paying attention to the issue, so he's got a website for it.
    Leo says that marketing is tough. He can create a site, but how does he get people to give it attention? Leo says that Jacob should send a press release to every news station and radio station in the country.