Sam Abuelsamid .... Shutting down

Episode 1571 (21:12)


This week's EV car news is that TESLA is shutting down all of their dealerships, in the hopes that reducing the overhead will translate into reducing the price tag on their vehicles. Now if you want to buy a Tesla, you can do it online and Tesla will deliver it to you. As for servicing, Tesla will likely have some service centers open in major areas, but they may also do a service at home program where they come to you to do any servicing. In other Tesla news, Elon Musk says that Tesla will have full self-driving by the end of the year. But Sam says that doesn't mean you can crawl into the back and take a nap. This week, there were two autonomous crashes with fatalities when people took their hands off the wheel.
What three words is a new navigation idea, where you enter the three words for a given grid location, and the car will guide you there. But the trick is knowing the right words, or you may end up going to the wrong location. Adopted by Ford and Mercedes so far.