Why are VPNs slower?

Episode 1570 (1:57:48)

Tom from Tustin, CA

Tom uses DashLane for his password vault, and wants to know if their new VPN service slows him down. Leo says it can. He's essentially running a computer remotely, and it works with an encrypted tunnel. So, it can cause some latency as it works its way in and out of the tunnel. Not all VPNs are alike either. Some are faster than others, so he should check with DashLane to see how many servers they run. He also wants to be sure they don't log his use. Tom also doesn't like that he doesn't have the option to opt-out after they raised his monthly fee. Leo says they know most people don't use them very often and so they have a clever way to make some more money.

Shop around. He can get a better deal and it's pretty easy to move a vault from one to another. Check out LastPass.