Scott Wilkinson and the Hostless Oscars

Episode 1568 (25:25)

Scott Wilkinson

This year, the Academy Awards is going to be hostless, as the Academy seeks to avoid controversy generated by comedians who have questionable posts on social media. Leo says what he likes about the Oscars is that people in the craft of each category vote for that category, and best picture. Scott is going to be watching the awards on his SONY 65" OLED TV.

Scott says that black and white films nominated, like Roma, are shot with a different "white point", where the warmth of white is different than normal modern films. So if you're watching TV, you want to set your colour temperature to "normal," if it looks blue or yellow, change it. Here's a few suggestions for ROMA - Best Practices for watching ROMA on your TV

Leo says that while ROMA is the first film by Netflix nominated for Best Picture, Academy rules still require films to be in the theatres for a few weeks.

Samsung to stop making Blu-ray players, signalling yet another move towards the death of physical media. Market saturation for Blu-ray has also dropped to 67%. Leo says he wouldn't have one if he didn't have an Xbox.