Johnny Jet .... the last minute

Episode 1568 (1:23:36)


Johnny Jet recently booked a hotel in New York City using Hotel Tonight, from the plane using WiFi. Johnny Jet believes you can get a great deal buying hotels at the last minute. And Hotel Tonight offers daily deals. But be aware of resort fees, or "urban city fees," especially for Marriott and Starwood hotels. Some want up to $45 resort fee.

If you stayed at Starwood the last few years, they have come out with a website to see if you've been hacked. But Leo advises not to use it, as it will likely get hacked as well. It is believed that the Chinese are hacking hotels to track nationals and US spies. So it never shows up on the dark web. Johnny has an article here - How to Find Out If You Were a Victim of the Starwood Hack