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Watch Kevin from Spotsylvania, PA Comments

Kevin would like to select and delete multiple emails in Apple Mail on the iPhone. Just tap "edit" and then mark it, move it, or trash it. Leo says that one of the problems with the modern iPhone is that there's no standard user interface like the old Macs. That makes it difficult to do things like this when the UI changes.

Watch Robert from Glendale, CA Comments

Robert has been backing up on Carbonite, and it's a good thing because his computer recently "melted down." So he's going to be restoring his backup from Carbonite to a new Dell computer. Will he get data back to the exact same file structure that he had on his original computer? Leo says it should be backed up exactly the way he had it set up. It also pays to verify it from time to time just to be sure. He can also do it with Carbonite's restore utility, or just drag and drop individual files over.

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Watch Diane from California Comments

Diane is worried that if she has to reinstall the Samsung music player on her Android phone, that she'll lose all 4000 of her songs. Leo says that Android is designed to have music in a single folder accessible by any music app. So she should just use a different app. Leo likes Doubletwist. Can she back it up to her laptop? Leo says DEFINITELY YES! Before she does anything else, she should plug in her phone and drag those songs over to a computer or a backup hard drive. It would also be a good idea to backup her phone to the cloud.

Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan is shopping for a MacBook Air for his son's trip to China. but when you add more RAM, it's more than the MacBook Pro. So should he get a MacBook Pro instead? The MacBook Pro will have a faster processor and more storage, plus the size is about the same. So maybe the MacBook Pro will be a better option. Especially since it offers more storage for $500 less. It has the older butterfly keyboard, however, which could cause problems if eating while working. SO make sure to buy AppleCare plus.

Watch Skip from Reno, NV Comments

Skip has been watching TWiT on YouTube live and sometimes it changes to a different show when watching live on Roku. Leo says that there's something about YouTube live that switches after 15 minutes. And not all live channels do it. Look for settings in YouTube to see if autoplay is turned on. Then turn it off.

Watch Sam from San Francisco, CA Comments

Sam is still using an old Windows XP machine. Leo says that as long as you're not working online, and it's still reliable, it's still OK to use. But can he buy a new computer and still move his old data? Leo says he'd need an interface adapter to connect the IDE drive into a USB drive. Leo recommends the Universal Drive adapter.

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Watch Steve from Rancho CucaMonga, CA Comments

Steve just found out his IRIS home hub service is being discontinued at the end of March. So what should he get to replace it? Leo says that the wide variety of competing standards has created a kind of house of cards where one platform goes out of business, leaving users to look elsewhere. If there was a standard protocol, that wouldn't happen. Leo says that Samsung SmartThings may work with his existing products because they use Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. Google is a big player but can tire and kill off services. Leo recommends going with Samsung SmartThings. Amazon is also a contender to watch in this space.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris has an Apple Watch Series 3, and thinking of moving up to the Series 4. But it's $800. Worth it? Leo says that he's stopped buying the higher end models because he's going to be getting a new model next year. So he gets the cheapest one, knowing he'll trade in next year. It's just as nice looking and durable too.

Watch Cotton from Surprise Valley, CA Comments

Cotton has mostly Apple-based gear at his company, but when he's doing apps he needs an Android device to test and monitor. What should he get? Leo says that Cotton should get a Motorola Moto G6, but don't buy it from Amazon as it'll be filled with bloatware.