What options do I have for cloud storage over 2TB?

Episode 1567 (38:25)

James from Texas

James has a large family that records many videos, and he's run out of storage in the cloud. He can't buy anymore iCloud to store everyone's movies and music. Leo says that James has transitioned to the enterprise-grade needs. Especially for backups. Leo says maybe just creating a duplicate Synology NAS off site and have it Sync. That way he can have as much storage he needs, rather than paying for it in the Cloud. It's also far more practical, since it won't take up bandwidth. Carbonite will even send a hard drive to back up and ship to them for storage. But that isn't readily available. It's known as "offline," glacier storage. Amazon Glacier is storage you don't need right away, but can be accessed within a few hours. It's very cheap, but slow to retrieve. Doctor Mom uses Glacier to back up her Synology, and it costs her $0.60 a month.