What laptop should I buy my son?

Episode 1567 (14:40)

Dan from New Jersey

Dan needs to buy his son a new laptop and wants to know whether a MacBook Air or Chromebook. He'll be traveling to China for an exchange student program. He also wants to maintain his social media. Leo says that either one will work, but he should be sure to obey the rules and regulations while being a guest there. Don't try and get around China's censorship by using a VPN. That's just asking for trouble. Email is not blocked, so setting up an email publishing scheme is best.

But what can't he do on a Chromebook? Leo says that it needs an always-on Internet connection. There are a few things that can be done offline, but it is a browser-based operating system. Having said that, it's a great choice for doing homework. Pretty much anything one can do in a Chrome browser and some Android apps can be done on a Chromebook. But since he's into photography, get him a MacBook. 512GB is good, but 1TB is even better if one can afford it.