Sam Abuelsamid .... Metal Bender

Episode 1567 (23:24)

 Metal Bender

Sam joins Leo to talk about the new EV Truck ... the Rivian. It's a full sized pickup that's electric. There's also an SUV. Leo hears that Ford is planning an electric F150. Sam says it should be coming in a few years. The hybrid will be out in 2020.
But the Rivian just got $700 million in investment, and the lead investor is Amazon. Low volume production begins in 2020, but Sam says we won't really seem them until a few years down the road. It's also getting into automated driving through Aurora. Aurora has been working with Volkswagen and Hyundai, and Sam says that Amazon is going to have its own automated trucking fleet that's full electric, down the road. Couple that with drone delivery, and the shipping business is about to undergo a serious seed change.

But Sam says that the real challenge isn't automated shipping, it's delivering the last 100 feet.