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Episode 1567 February 17, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan needs to buy his son a new laptop and wants to know whether a MacBook Air or Chromebook. He'll be traveling to China for an exchange student program. He also wants to maintain his social media. Leo says that either one will work, but he should be sure to obey the rules and regulations while being a guest there. Don't try and get around China's censorship by using a VPN. That's just asking for trouble. Email is not blocked, so setting up an email publishing scheme is best.

But what can't he do on a Chromebook? Leo says that it needs an always-on Internet connection. There are a few things that can be done offline, but it is a browser-based operating system. Having said that, it's a great choice for doing homework. Pretty much anything one can do in a Chrome browser and some Android apps can be done on a Chromebook. But since he's into photography, get him a MacBook. 512GB is good, but 1TB is even better if one can afford it.

Watch James from Texas Comments

James has a large family that records many videos, and he's run out of storage in the cloud. He can't buy anymore iCloud to store everyone's movies and music. Leo says that James has transitioned to the enterprise-grade needs. Especially for backups. Leo says maybe just creating a duplicate Synology NAS off site and have it Sync. That way he can have as much storage he needs, rather than paying for it in the Cloud. It's also far more practical, since it won't take up bandwidth. Carbonite will even send a hard drive to back up and ship to them for storage. But that isn't readily available. It's known as "offline," glacier storage. Amazon Glacier is storage you don't need right away, but can be accessed within a few hours. It's very cheap, but slow to retrieve. Doctor Mom uses Glacier to back up her Synology, and it costs her $0.60 a month.

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Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom wants to know if he can downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10 without it upgrading automatically. Leo says that after 30-60 days, that ability has been lost. It makes it really hard to roll back unless he decides in that time frame. The only option is to make a Windows 7 Image and keep going back to it.
Tom was going to buy the Motorola Moto G6, but the G7 came out. That caused the price of the G6 drop by $50. Is it worth buying the G7? Leo likes them. So will there be a huge difference? Not really. There's no need to wait for the G7 to be shipped.

Watch Roger from Banning, CA Comments

Roger bought a "dumb phone" for him and his wife. Leo says he calls them feature phones. Roger says that they didn't know anything about the dumb phone. But when he charges it up it is dead within a day. Leo says that shouldn't happen - feature phones should last days. Leo says that Roger should take them back and ask for one with better battery life. In fact, he shouldn't even have to pay for it.

Watch Gary from New York Comments

Gary has an older Motorola Moto X and he has to root the phone to install Android 9. Is it secure? Leo says yes, all it really means is that you're an administrator. And Google is fine with it. But remember, once you root, you can be your own worst enemy and cause problems. But if you're smart enough to root it, then you're fine. To know how, go to

Watch Rick from Burbank, CA Comments

Rick has a pair of Sony XCams, which he wants to capture separate audio channels. But lately, his cameras are forcing him to capture in stereo, not separate mono. Leo says to do it in post. Separate the tracks. Input the secondary tracks. Any audio editor will do it.

Watch Rich from California Comments

After a few years, Rich needs to get a new battery for his S5 and he can only find used ones. Leo says it sounds like nobody is making them anymore. Beltran and IFixIt both offer new batteries for the Galaxy S5. You can also go to the Samsung Factory Outlet.

Watch Karen from California Comments

Karen is having issues with Microsoft Office 365 with her new laptop. It's really complicated and hard to read. How can she get her money back? Leo says that she can always write a letter to the president of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, and demand help for accessibility. They have an office for that. She can also tell them she wants a refund. Be nice, but also reference that you talked to Leo Laporte on a national radio show. You can also use Microsoft Office for free, and change the font any way you want.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Kevin from North Carolina Comments

Kevin wants to know how he can update the firmware on his old TIVo Roamio. Is there a way to put a new OS on it, like KODI? Leo says that would be difficult, it was designed to be a streaming media player. is a good place to go to see if anyone is doing that. Another good source is since they resell hardware.

Watch Doug from St. Louis, MO Comments

Doug got a Moto Plus, but realized it doesn't use NFC. Leo says that's because Motorola is strange with its naming conventions. What's NFC good for? Leo says it's an interesting technology designed for passwords, touch to pay, etc

Watch Fred from Pasadena, CA Comments

Fred has a 2008 MacPro Cheesegrater, and he doesn't want to replace it. But it's having kernel panics. What can he do? Leo says a kernel panic is Apple's version of the blue screen of death. And it usually means it has a driver issue or a hardware issue. And sometimes, the first line of the panic will tell you something useful. Bad memory is a common cause of them. Power supply failing is an indicator. Try swapping out single RAM cards. That can tell Fred which RAM is acting up. He could just get one of the latest MacMini's and get a Thunderbolt 3 connection.

Watch Dave from Temecula, CA Comments

Dave wants to know how to stream from Android to his TV. Leo recommends a Google casting device, like the chromecast. It plugs into the back of the TV and any enabled device can be cast to the TV once Dave taps the chromecast logo. Leo says the device uses a handoff mechanism to achieve what it does.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry wants to know if people can use their Apple Watch to cheat at trivia at the local bar. Leo says absolutely. It's why you can't bring a smartwatch or a phone into a college classroom.