Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1566 (15:43)

Scott went and saw the manga based sci fi action film ALITA BATTLE ANGEL this week. Scott says the story is pretty bad, but he saw it for the technology used in making the film, to see how it was presented. And it was pretty impressive. The actor who played Alita was completely CGI'd, so she had to wear a motion capture suit for the entire film. But the character still runs into the "uncanny valley," which means it doesn't look real, no matter how close they get it. But Scott says it works because Alita is supposed to be a synthetic character. Scott also say it in 3D Dolby Cinema, which is very rare. It also adds a layer of "synthetic ness." Leo says it's that kind of stuff that makes him want to see it, not because of the movie itself, but how they actually made it. Scott says that's true. It's not a great story at all, very convoluted, But it's interesting to see how they made it. That was the most entertaining part.