Can I upgrade my old computer video card?

Episode 1565 (12:26)

Jeff from Bakersfield, CA
GTX 1060

Jeff has a ten year old Dell XPS computer and it still works great. However, the newer games are only DirectX11 compatible and Dell says he has to get a new computer. Is there a card for him out there? The power cables are 6 slot and the new ones require 8 slot. Leo says he can get an adapter, but that age computer means it will be PCI, whereas the latest video cards are PCIExpress. Modern games use both CPU and GPUs in concert. And Jeff's power supply is probably underpowered. Leo recommends, however, to get a GTX1060 or GTX960 for that computer, but he shouldn't go any higher than that because the computer won't be able to benefit from it. The challenge is going to be getting a PCI version, and his is PCI version 2. There's not a lot out there and he may need to get a used one. Better yet, he should head over to PCPer and look at their suggestions for a low end gaming computer. For a few hundred dollars more, he'll have a new computer that can handle gaming.

BC in the chatroom says that he has a GTX780TI in his, and it works great for gaming.

Jonathan called in during the third hour to say he has a ten year old Dell and he said his card is PCI Express.So Jeff may be ok in getting a new video card, but he may need a firmware update on the motherboard.