How can I use less space on iCloud?

Episode 1564 (1:36:01)

Tony from Lynnwood, PA
Apple iCloud

Tony has used up 4.9GB of his iCloud storage and he doesn't know how he's used all that. Leo says it's likely his phone backup. He can go to and login and see what's there. Chances are, if it isn't a phone backup, then it's likely all of his photos, which get automatically uploaded to the cloud. But he's wondering why it saves all his text messages and deleted email. Leo says he can probably change the mail settings to use less space. He should look in his email settings and choose things like "don't save attachments", etc. Or he can just buy more space. It's only $12 a year for 50GB. 200GB costs less than $25 a year. The chatroom says that in Gmail, there is a setting to control how much is saved on the Mac. Other programs like MailMate will also do that.