How can I print from my Chromebook?

Episode 1564 (1:55:27)

DeLois from Torrance, CA
Samsung Chromebook Plus

DeLois wants to know how she can print using her Chromebook. Leo says that Google uses Cloud Printing, which will enable her to print wirelessly from anywhere in the world. Her printer just needs to support Wi-Fi.

DeLois also says that she can't play her DVDs on her TV. Leo says that most TVs support HDMI, and her DVD player needs to support that as well. If she's trying to do this with red, white and yellow cables, chances are, that's not going to do it. She'll want a digital connection that the HDMI affords. Or she can use Component, which is red, green, and blue. She can also get a new DVD player for less than $50. They're dirt cheap.