How can I connect my flip phone to the internet?

Episode 1564 (32:33)

Robert from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Chromebook Plus

Robert has a cheap phone and wants to know how to use tethering to connect to the internet. Leo says hotspotting is the current way to wirelessly connect, but for Robert's phone, he may need to tether it with a cable. One thing is to know that he may need to pay extra for tethering. He'll also have data limits as well. It may be better for him to get an iPod Touch which will wirelessly connect to his internet. Or a Chromebook.

Robert wants to know how the Chromebook is to use. Leo says it's a lovely thing — a laptop that only works online as it only has a browser. Most modern Chromebooks actually support Android apps. He can also get one that has built-in LTE, which he would pay a monthly data fee for. It's cheaper than a smartphone. Leo's favorite is the Samsung Chromebook Plus with LTE.