How can I protect my camera from theft?

Episode 1563 (1:03:33)

Bill from San Juan, PR

Bill bought a Canon camera and lens and he's taking it on a cruise and he's worried about it being stolen. Leo says that first thing to do is take your Canon strap off and replace it with one that doesn't advertise the make and model. Camouflage the camera with a case, and put it around your neck like a tourist. Also don't use a camera bag. Use a diaper bag. Be aware of what goes on around you. Some will use misdirection to get you looking one way, while their partner is stealing you blind in the other direction. Always keep in contact with it, like wrapping your bag strap around your leg the you're sitting at a table.

How can he stop Windows from indexing his NAS? He's turned it off, but it keeps doing it. Here's a few tech notes which may help: