Why does it take so long to boot up my computer?

Episode 1562 (46:00)

Tom from Costa Mesa, California

Tom has a NUC computer and after updating to Windows 10, it takes several hours for Windows to come alive on the screen. Leo says that wiping the drive and reinstalling could fix it. It's probably a bad hard drive sector that the computer is trying to read. Do a full reset and wipe the entire thing. But make sure to back up data first. Another option would be to have a USB key with Linux on it and boot to it (F10). If it comes up right away, then you know there's something wrong with the software. If it's the same problem, it is a hardware issue. Hirens is a good one. Here's a how to: https://www.howtogeek.com/340763/how-to-create-the-ultimate-usb-key-ring...

Leo also recommends creating a Windows 10 rescue disk.