Should I back up my photos to the cloud?

Episode 1562 (58:35)

Don from Montana

Don wants to know why he needs to back up his photos to the cloud and what should he use? Leo says backing up to the cloud is vital because if the computer hard drive fails, or the computer dies, you still have that data. Leo recommends a 3-2-1 strategy. Three copies, two formats, one off site. OneDrive and Carbonite are good, but you have to have it all in one folder, and OneDrive has a backup limit of 1TB which should be enough. Leo also has all his photos upload to Google Photos. Unlimited high-quality storage!

Can he use a USB thumb drive as a backup? Windows 10 won't let him. Leo says he should be able to, but there are drawbacks including reliability. Thumb drives can fail easier than a USB hard drive.