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Watch Joel from Glendale, CA Comments

Joel is a Disney Imagineer, and he needs a new laptop to run Maya 3D modelling software. Leo says a MacBook Pro is ideal for that purpose, but Joel is a PC guy. Leo says a laptop with the RTX 2070 GPU would be great because it would support raytracing.

Watch Joseph from California Comments

Joseph wants to get a new Google Pixel 3 and a wireless charger. Leo says the Pixel 3 is great, but it doesn't do rapid charging unless one buys Google's own wireless charger, which is expensive. Leo uses the TYLT Vu wireless charger. It's an easy charger and it has dual coils so it charges either upright or sideways. That way users can plug in headphones and listen to music while it's charging. Of course, Joseph can also get some Bluetooth headphones and be untethered. Leo likes the Jabra Elite 65T.

Watch Jim from Tallahassee, FL Comments

Jim wants to create custom thumbnails of his graphics as he takes them off his old Windows 3.1 computer. Leo says that Irfanview is ideal for that and the old PC will work with that app. The other options are ACDSee and NeoFinder.

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Watch Tom from Costa Mesa, California Comments

Tom has a NUC computer and after updating to Windows 10, it takes several hours for Windows to come alive on the screen. Leo says that wiping the drive and reinstalling could fix it. It's probably a bad hard drive sector that the computer is trying to read. Do a full reset and wipe the entire thing. But make sure to back up data first. Another option would be to have a USB key with Linux on it and boot to it (F10). If it comes up right away, then you know there's something wrong with the software. If it's the same problem, it is a hardware issue. Hirens is a good one. Here's a how to:

Leo also recommends creating a Windows 10 rescue disk.

Watch Don from Montana Comments

Don wants to know why he needs to back up his photos to the cloud and what should he use? Leo says backing up to the cloud is vital because if the computer hard drive fails, or the computer dies, you still have that data. Leo recommends a 3-2-1 strategy. Three copies, two formats, one off site. OneDrive and Carbonite are good, but you have to have it all in one folder, and OneDrive has a backup limit of 1TB which should be enough. Leo also has all his photos upload to Google Photos. Unlimited high-quality storage!

Can he use a USB thumb drive as a backup? Windows 10 won't let him. Leo says he should be able to, but there are drawbacks including reliability. Thumb drives can fail easier than a USB hard drive.

Watch Arnold from New Jersey Comments

Arnold has a frustrating time with Google photos because he can't download his photos to his phone, and when he deletes a photo in Google photos, it deletes it on his phone. Leo says turning off sync in Google Photos will prevent that. And unfortunately, he has to download each photo individually.

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Watch Matt from Ventura, CA Comments

Matt wants to know what mesh router he should buy to control his landscape system. Leo says that Orbi is ideal because it's easy to install, and they have outdoor base stations.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria is getting her first smartphone and she's shopping at Walmart for it. Leo says she has to decide what service she's going to use. Walmart will try and get her to do their service called Straight Talk, which is pay-as-you-go and can work with various carriers. Next, she'll want to think about how much data she needs. 2GB when first starting out is fine and Leo would also recommend getting an iPhone. It's her first smartphone, and it's just plain easier to use.

Watch Rick from Weeki Wachee, Florida Comments

Rick wants to know if he can get a satellite antenna that offers "free hi-def" channels. Leo says it's not the channels he thinks he'll get. He'll end up getting stuff that's already being streamed on the internet. Almost certainly a bogus offer.

Watch Patrick from Floral City, Florida Comments

Patrick has a Dell Inspiron Desktop and wants to know why his computer doesn't know what time or date it is. Leo says that means the CMOS battery on the motherboard is dead. Just replace it. It's about the size of a quarter.

Patrick is also having issues with Windows, where the tiles don't work anymore. Leo suspects he went into tablet mode, and Windows is just waiting for a touch screen. So turn tablet mode off. Here's how -

Watch Ernest from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says Anker, Aukey, and Belkin are the best places to buy third party lithium-ion batteries for devices. Stick with reputable manufacturers. Otherwise, users risk having an explosive event.

Watch Marie from Burbank, California Comments

Marie has a Samsung Galaxy S8 and has forgotten the password pattern to unlock it. She wants to back up her messages. Leo says that the phone store may be able to get the data off it. Even better, a third party cell phone store may be able to do it better than AT&T can. The downside is the data will be encrypted unless she can unlock the phone, and that may require resetting the phone. Check with the carrier. They may have copies of the messages.