How can I get data off an old hard drive?

Episode 1561 (54:07)

Don from Doylestown, OH

Don's dad left him an old Windows 98 computer and he has to get data off it. But the laptop won't boot up due to a hard drive issue. What can he do? Leo says a hard drive can wear out and it may be that the drive is dead. But it could also be that it simply won't boot up. It's just getting flakey with critical sectors, meaning that the data is still there. So Leo says to stop trying to boot it up. That'll only make it worse. Take the drive out and get an external drive case or a universal drive adapter and use it as a data drive. NewerTek makes a great one. You want one with IDE support, due to its age. Then you can pull the data off. But Q&A put all the data into a single file and while it's there, it won't be readable. You'll need to have it converted.