Is there a secure way to remotely lock or unlock my door?

Episode 1560

Sam from Torrance, CA

Sam is thinking of getting an Alexa or Google Assistant to control his door locks and is worried about security and privacy. Leo says that all assistants are roughly the same. They listen for a keyword. And there's no evidence that either Amazon or Google are spying on you. Schlage makes one that is dedicated and doesn't need the assistant, so it has a directly line which can be more secure. But any iOT device can get hacked. Bottom line is, that no door lock is perfect. It's a deterrent, a suggestion. But if the bad guy wants to get in, he can. Never buy an IOT device that isn't from a reputable company that is committed to security. That includes a commitment to auto updating them. The other idea is to put the IOT on a separate network via VLan, or separate routers. PLUME routers have a way to create a network for only internet access and doesn't offer access to anything else on your network. Ubiquity's EDGE router can also do it.