How can I get more data while on the road?

Episode 1560 (1:52:19)

Tracey from Irvine, CA

Tracey's husband has retired and they've bought a travel trailer to see the sights. But they quickly surpass their data caps on their mobile devices and is looking for an alternative. Leo says that you can buy a larger data plan. It really comes down to how much data you need from month to month. Part of Tracey's problem is she has three kids who are also on the plan. So they blow through 22 GB is days. Using a satellite dish is possible, but you have to aim it every time you stop, the gear is expensive, and the caps are small and slow. But Exceed by Wild Blue is the best. Google FI is a great because you pay by the GB. $10 a GB, with a $60 max cost.

You can also get a data only device like a MiFi card. Most carriers have them. There's also mobile internet plans for hotspots, so you an put in a data only SIM and go from there.