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Episode 1559 January 20, 2019

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Audience Questions

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Watch Ashley from North Carolina Comments

Ashley is trying to sell his MacBook Air on Craigslist, and the person most interested wants to pay through PayPal and have it shipped. Leo says that the benefit of PayPal is that there are guarantees for payment. However, there are cases when those guarantees are not enough. So it's important to take a close look at what PayPal will do to protect him. He should look at their buyer ratings on eBay, if they have them.

It's always hard to prove if they got the item, and they can always say they didn't receive it. So he should make sure he is protected.

From the chatroom - offering to pay more than what he's asking is a common scam to get him to overcome any hesitance.

Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny uses Google Voice and bought an ObiTalk to use with some older phones. Is that a good idea? Leo says he used the ObiTalk for a long time. It's very cool. However, It doesn't work with Google Fi, so if his Google Voice is tied to Google Fi, he'll have issues. Johnny would have to use a second Google Voice number, but that doesn't do him much good and he can't forward that number to his other Fi account.

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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil bought a new 50" Samsung U7100 50" 4K TV. He bought a sound bar and an Apple TV to go with it, and it's all controlled by the Logitech Harmony Hub. Every time he turns on the Hub, however, the TV wants to take over with its smart TV menu, not the Apple TV menu. Leo says that's super annoying. Leo suggests that the Hub is sending a command that the TV is misinterpreting. The good news is, the Hub will get smarter as he uses it. He should try removing the Samsung TV and re-adding it. The command "Use Smart TV" may imply using Samsung's menu.

Watch Bryant from Pennsylvania Comments

Bryant's mother has a Windows 7 desktop and uses her Verizon Hotspot for internet access. Should she use an easier device? Leo says that Windows 7 was a great version of Windows, but Microsoft will end of life support in 2020. Leo recommends installing Windows 10. Leo also thinks making the switch to a Mac Mini may be a good idea as well. Another option, since she uses GIMP, is to use Linux, if she can handle it.

Another option is to use a ChromeBox running Polarr, a very powerful photo editing app.

Watch Jim from Birmingham, AL Comments

Jim got an email from Google that stated he had put in a request to terminate his account, which is something he never asked for. Leo suspects this is a phishing attempt. He should hover over the URL for the link they offer to contact them and see if it's legit. Chances are, it isn't.

ScooterX in the chatroom says that HoaxSlayer lists it as a phishing scam, designed to trick people into revealing their username and password for thieves. He can also verify his Google status by going to He can also download everything from Google using Google TakeOut, just in case.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch George from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Comments

George has an Amazon Fire HD Tablet, but he's been told not to install Google Play. Is that true? Leo says that Google Play is easy to install on the Fire tablet, but he shouldn't install it with an app. He should install it directly from Google. He can check out for directions.

Watch Thomas from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Thomas is going to be walking across America. He's outfitted a cart with solar panels and it provides all the electricity he needs.

Thomas is taking donations at All proceeds go to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Watch Mara from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mara was a victim of identity theft, and just narrowly avoided having her brokerage account drained. Leo says that Mara should change her password and turn on 2 factor authentication right away. Leo suspects the bad guys got her information from a database breach like the Collection #1 or the Marriott hack. Leo also suggests going to and see if her passwords have been compromised and are known. Leo also recommends having a credit freeze put on Mara's account using Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. That will prevent any additional credit accounts being opened in her name.

Check out Clark Howard's article on how to put a freeze on your credit.

Watch Don from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Don is worried that his network may be compromised because he uses a shared internet network in his office building. Leo says there may be a weak link with a point of entry that's a result of the building, but it should be locked down pretty well. Leo recommends getting an IT consultant to help run his internet access. Employees may actually be a bigger risk if they fall victim to phishing scams. An IT consultant can help train the employees to be on the lookout for scams.