Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1558 (20:56)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is back from CES and this week he wants to talk about the audio gadgets he saw. A lot of the high end audio was at the Venetian Hotel. But Scott says that audio had a much smaller presence at CES this year, and Scott thinks that audio companies are going to be going to regional shows to offer their goods rather than spend a ton of money at CES. And it's difficult to rise above the noise at a larger convention. Smaller, regional shows offer a big fish in a small pond kind of vibe.

Scott still came across some great headphones and speakers there. ELAC has some really good speakers, designed by Andrew Jones. They were excellent. Scott also found Sony's 360 Reality Audio, which Scott says is 360 virtualization within your headphones. These will emulate directional, multi channel speakers within your headphones and make them sound the same. Scott says that they are really appealing for people with small rooms who want the audio quality of a high end Dolby system, but can only use headphones.