How can I get the data off my iPhone?

Episode 1558 (52:27)

Penny from Seal Beach, CA

Penny has been using Webroot and wants to know if she should renew it or not. Leo says not to renew it. She should just uninstall it and rely on Windows Defender. It's free, and Microsoft updates it regularly. She may, however, need to download a stand alone removal tool from Webroot, which will smartly remove all the junk that her antivirus leaves behind.

How can she backup her messages to the cloud? Leo says her messages are tied to her iCloud account, So she'll have to ask for those messages to be released. But she can save them out and back them up. eCamm has a program called Phone View, which can save everything on her phone. There's a free version and a pay version. It's for Mac, though. On Windows, Penny can use a program called IMazing.