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Watch Travis from California Comments

Travis works out a lot and would like to grab 30 second snippets to work out by. Is there an app or function that will do that? Leo says that there is no function on the iPhone or iPod, but iOS12 has a feature called "Shortcuts," so he may be able to create a shortcut to play just 30 seconds of a song. Shortcuts works by daisy chaining tasks from apps. Some headphones have a skip button, where he'd tap the button twice to skip.

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John wants to know if Microsoft Office comes with Windows. Leo says it doesn't, but there's an open source option called Libre Office, which is free, and will do most of what MS Office does, including reading all Office document files. Buying Office is very expensive, but he can do a monthly subscription rate, which is about $100 a year for Office Home. It's the most affordable solution.

Watch Rich from West Palm Beach, CA Comments

Rich is a long time Mac user, and he's been using Quicken 2007. He's recently been having issues using it with macOS High Sierra. Leo says that having a dedicated Quicken machine running Sierra would be a good way to take care of his data through Quicken, and using an SSD will make it last a good, long while. The real deal is the battery of his older laptop. It'll eventually need to be replaced. But Rich should be able to get another 10 years out of it.

Rich also cuts his home movies and he's worried about Apple abandoning 32 bit in a new version of macOS. He'll just have to make sure it doesn't get updated. The system currently has macOS Mojave, and Leo says he can stay with that because it's the last that will support 32 bit applications. In fact, Leo says more people are going to avoid upgrading for that purpose.

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Watch Penny from Seal Beach, CA Comments

Penny has been using Webroot and wants to know if she should renew it or not. Leo says not to renew it. She should just uninstall it and rely on Windows Defender. It's free, and Microsoft updates it regularly. She may, however, need to download a stand alone removal tool from Webroot, which will smartly remove all the junk that her antivirus leaves behind.

How can she backup her messages to the cloud? Leo says her messages are tied to her iCloud account, So she'll have to ask for those messages to be released. But she can save them out and back them up. eCamm has a program called Phone View, which can save everything on her phone. There's a free version and a pay version. It's for Mac, though. On Windows, Penny can use a program called IMazing.

Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam had three laptops upgraded to Windows 10, but one won't work with the trackpad. Leo says that a driver may be missing. Leo recommends going to the laptop manufacturer website and looking for a driver package for his laptop. If that doesn't work, he should try using the Windows 8.1 driver. It should be OK to do so. Sam should look in the device manager for any red "X", which indicates devices without a driver.

Watch Larry from Long Beach, CA Comments

Larry's computer died and he has to buy a new computer. How can he move data from his old computer to his new computer when the old computer is dead? Leo says to go to and pick up their Universal Drive Adapter. This will allow Larry to take the old drive out of the computer and connect it to his new computer. He can open it as a drive on his new computer and just copy the missing data over. But if the drive isn't functioning any longer, he could be out of luck.

Watch Caleb from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Caleb has made the switch to a Google Pixel Android phone and has moved everything to over. He's replaced everything except his iPad, so now he's looking for an Android option. Leo says a Chromebook is a good choice and many are convertibles. If he wants something as lightweight as a mini tablet, then Huawei's tablets are very good, as are Samsung's. They're not as good as an iPad, though. The software is just better. Acer makes a good one too.

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Watch Roger from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Roger needs to be able to post and share photos with an exclusive group of people. What's a good option for that online? Leo says a shared album is ideal. Google Photos is a great option for that. Facebook works if everyone is a Facebook member, but not everyone is or wants to be. Most people have Gmail, which means they have a Google Photos account by default. For pay, SmugMug is a good option. Flickr is free and you can create private groups, but the photo uploads are limited to 1000, unless you pay for it.

Shutterstock will not only let you do it, but people can buy prints directly from them.

Watch Rick from Brentwood, CA Comments

Rick wants an internet service that will give him high speed uploading options. Leo says that Rick's options are to buy business class service. There's no bandwidth caps, and they will commit to a specific speed. He'll pay more, but for business it's worth it, especially because the uploads are faster. He should check out He can search by zip code and read reviews from customers. Another choice is fiber, if he can get it.

Watch Jeanine from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Jeanine wants to know how to retrieve text messages from an old phone. Leo says that there are several ways to do it. Sometimes they are stored up in the cloud with the carrier. She can ask the technician at the phone store to transfer all the data over. There are also apps that will enable her to do it, including Android apps like SMS Backup and Restore. She can put it on the old phone and it will back up all the messages to the cloud. Then she can restore them to the new phone. Samsung also has its own called SmartSwitch.

Watch Jim from Escondido, CA Comments

Jim has a few old laptops that died on him. What can he do with him? Can he recycle them? What about the data on the old hard drives? Leo says he can pull out the hard drives before he donates them. Also, older laptops often will work on the AC adapter by taking out the battery. If it works without the battery installed, then he can move them over to another drive or thumb drive. But he shouldn't get rid of those old hard drives. That's a security risk.