Can I use Google Voice with my old phones?

Episode 1557 (38:55)

Paul from San Diego, CA
Old phone

Paul is getting ready to cut the cable on his telephone service and he's moved his number to Google Voice. But how can he get his phones to work with Google voice? Leo says that phone numbers are portable, and as such, his home phone number can be ported to Google Voice. And then he can have his mobile phone ring when his number gets called. Up to 5 different phones can do that.

Can he have Google Voice ring on his old phones? Leo says not mobile phones. Leo says that he'll need a hardware interface for Google Voice that will do that. Many companies make those adapters. ObiTalk makes them. He'll connect that to his internet router and then connect his phone to the phone jack on the ObiTalk box. He doesn't have to pay a monthly fee either. The only problem is 911 — It's not as accurate. It's regional. So response times will take longer and they won't know his exact location.

Paul also wants to buy a new Android phone. Leo says to wait a month. Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S10.