How can I stream TV shows and movies online?

Episode 1556 (1:08:50)

Michelle from San Pedro, CA

Michelle has finally cut the cable and wants to know how to stream her movies and TV shows from the internet. Does she need special equipment? Leo says maybe. If she has a smartTV, then she might not. But Leo recommends getting a streaming device anyway and he recommends the Roku. Streaming services include Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. But there's also new services coming from Disney and many others. How does she pay for them? Leo says she would have to give them a credit card.

What about local broadcast TV? Leo says there's a few ways she can get that. First, she can just put up a TV antenna. She may also need a digital tuner. If she wants a DVR, then she'll need to get an over-the-air DVR from TiVo, Channel Master, or Silicon Dust.