Do I need to pay for antivirus software?

Episode 1556 (1:27:36)

Kevin from Moreno Valley, CA
Windows 10 Start Menu

Kevin has an old laptop and wants to know if he needs Webroot antivirus. Leo says that back in the day, Webroot was very good. But lately, If he's able to update to Windows 10, Windows has its own antivirus called Windows Defender which is very good. Before Windows 10, Microsoft had Windows Security Essentials. Both are essentially the same, and they're free.

Leo doesn't really recommend paying for antivirus anymore because Windows' apps are free and very good. But the other reason is that hackers can beat an antivirus to the punch with so-called zero-day exploits. The best defense is to keep Windows antivirus up to date, as well as his OS, and then be careful with his online behavior.

Kevin should also turn on Secure Sandbox Mode in Windows Defender, and he can find out how to do that at