How can I put security cams in my truck?

Episode 1552 (48:06)

Jude from Virginia, CA

Jude bought a Blink security camera for her truck and wants to know how she can use it while she's on the road. Leo says she'll need to have it connected to the internet. So putting a mobile device in hotspot mode would work. But Leo recommends using Wyze Cams because they don't require a subscription, where Blink does. And it only needs 5v USB, so she could plug it in with a USB charger and something with an internet connection. That's a good solution and they're only $20! She can use a microSD card for times she doesn't have internet access. Then she can record directly to the card. But then again, if they steal the camera after breaking in, it's nice to have the upload to the cloud feature.

Another option is the OWL Cam, which has its own LTE plan, and gets its power from the ODP port. It also has dual cameras forward and backward, and lights that come on if there's a sudden judder like a wreck or break in. They're $300, but worth it.