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Watch Dennis from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

Dennis is looking to get a new computer and wants to know if he can get one without a hard drive. He's got two 8TB SATA drives ready to go, plus an SSD. Leo says that any tower case will have room for multiple drives. He'll need one fast enough to do video editing.

Leo recommends going to Dell. Dennis should return his SSD and get it with the SSD built-in to save himself the time installing it. He could go cheaper, but since Dennis does this for a living, it's worth paying a little extra for a top of the line model.

Watch Jim from Bend, OR Comments

Jim wants to use an app called Morpheus, but it can't be installed through the Google Play Store. He's been told he needs to be in Developer Mode to install an app from somewhere else. Leo says that's a bad idea because it'll make his Chromebook less secure. Not all apps are approved for ChromeOS. If he can't install it and run it directly from the Google Play store, he shouldn't do it.

Morpheus is a piracy app, which explains why it's not installable. But if he is committed to doing it, he can turn on Developer Mode. The good news is that if he does get bit, he can always Powerwash the Chromebook and get it back to its secure configuration.

Watch Cotton from Surprise Valley, CA Comments

Cotton has a 2013 MacBook Pro, and recently had to buy a battery from because it began to swell. He also replaced the SSD. He had to remove the battery with acetone because it was glued in. But after installing it, the laptop was dead. Leo says to head over to and check out their instructions on replacing the battery in his laptop. He may have missed a step. But it's also very possible that Cotton may have shorted out something like a fuse. At this point, there's only one place he can take it... the Apple Store. And it may not be worth repairing.

There is one thing he can try: he can take the battery out, and then plug in the AC adapter and see if it boots up. If it does, then it's not shorted out. That means there's a loose connection somewhere in the battery installation.

Cotton also got an email saying that a hacker got his password and breached his email. Leo says it's a scam. He can ignore it. But if he wants to see if his email has been compromised, he should first change his password and then go to and see.

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Watch Jude from Virginia, CA Comments

Jude bought a Blink security camera for her truck and wants to know how she can use it while she's on the road. Leo says she'll need to have it connected to the internet. So putting a mobile device in hotspot mode would work. But Leo recommends using Wyze Cams because they don't require a subscription, where Blink does. And it only needs 5v USB, so she could plug it in with a USB charger and something with an internet connection. That's a good solution and they're only $20! She can use a microSD card for times she doesn't have internet access. Then she can record directly to the card. But then again, if they steal the camera after breaking in, it's nice to have the upload to the cloud feature.

Another option is the OWL Cam, which has its own LTE plan, and gets its power from the ODP port. It also has dual cameras forward and backward, and lights that come on if there's a sudden judder like a wreck or break in. They're $300, but worth it.

Watch Deke from Chicago, IL Comments

Deke is trying to breathe life into his older computer and wants to install a M.2 SSD drive into it. Leo says that's more expensive, and if he's using SATA III, he's better off with a Samsung 950 EVO SSD. An M.2 drive is only going to be as fast as his bus. So if he doesn't have a faster bus, then save some money and get an EVO SSD drive.

Watch Jason from Richmond, VA Comments

Jason's iPhone 6S battery is swelling. It's the third time it's happened. Leo says he'll have to go to Apple and have them escalate the issue. He should do that fast because the battery replacement program is ending. In fact, maybe he should make the case for a new iPhone 6S altogether.

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Watch George from Murrieta, GA Comments

George got an email saying that his email account has been compromised, but it shows an old email. Leo says it's an old scam that is designed to scare him into sending the hackers money. If he's concerned, he should change his email password.

He can also go to to see if his email has been legitimately hacked. But changing the password will fix it. And while he's at it, he should turn on 2 Factor Authentication. He can simply ignore the extortion email, though.

Here's an article about this from

Watch Ken from Merced, CA Comments

Ken has an older Chromecast, and he thinks it may have died. He's tried pressing the reset button and nothing happens. Leo says he probably will have to press it and hold it. But it may also be a bad HDMI plug. If it is bad, the good news is, they're cheap. $35.

Watch Carol from Northridge, California Comments

Carol is tired of paying for cable and wants to cut the cord. Is there an antenna she can get that will fit on her wall? Leo says there is. There are two sites she can visit: and and they will tell her the best over the air antenna for her area.

Watch George from Salina, KS Comments

George needs security cameras for his house. Leo says that the Wyze Cam is a good one, but a doorbell cam will stop package thieves dead in their tracks. There are two kinds: the Nest or Ring camera. They connect to the same power source as his doorbell, and he can get connected with his mobile device. The he can interact with the person on camera. It'll also record to the cloud. But he would need Internet.

There's also the Arlo Go, which doesn't need power or internet to use since it has its own LTE service.

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