What is a better ISP than Frontier in a remote area?

Episode 1551 (1:22:08)

Bob from Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Satellite dish

Bob lives in a desert and he's he's stuck with Frontier as an ISP. Leo says that a lot of people are commiserating with him because the access is so bad. They want to charge him $100 for 720kbps. Leo says that's totally unusable. Leo says it's likely because Bob is too far away from the central DSL station. If he had cable internet access, he'd be much better off. He also can't get satellite internet via Dish. Leo says the state of internet in the US is shameful, and Frontier is the worst amoungst them. At best, we have a duopoly, or maybe even a monopoly. What Leo recommends is getting internet access only from Cox. They will attempt to tell him they can't, but it's an FCC law that they have to.

Another option is WildBlue by Exede. But it's very expensive and has limited bandwidth. He won't be streaming movies with it.