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Episode 1551 December 22, 2018

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Watch Katie from California Comments

Katie edits her student's papers using Microsoft Word on a Mac, and now after a new update, the formatting is all screwed up in a Windows version of Word. Leo says that in theory, Office should be the same cross-platform. That's the point. But it's possible that typefaces may not be compatible in Windows that are in Mac, and vice versa. Her printer setup may also throw off the formatting. Office formats the document to look as it does on the printed page, and if she got a new printer, that could alter the format. So she should change it to a generic printer format. She should make it as generic and vanilla as she can.

Leo also says to be sure she's saving to a DocX format. She can also try RTF. That could work better. She shouldn't have to get a new PC just to do the job. Leo also suggests trying to save it as a PDF to see if there's any difference. If there isn't, then the default style sheet may have been corrupted. She should check out this article from a different Leo,

Watch Chuck from Fontana, CA Comments

Chuck is in a new house with a larger room and he wants to know where to put his speakers for surround sound. It's a long room with a 65" screen. Scott says if he can keep his chairs square to the TV, he can then put the surround speakers behind him. But Chuck has the TV cornered and that makes it a very difficult. So he'd probably have to move the TV over another wall and then try to block out the main windows when he's watching TV. Or he could put the surrounds in, or on the ceiling. That can be a challenge because he'll have to run wires through the attic. But it would be worth it in the end. Of course, he could always just use a pair of wireless headphones.

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Watch Jeffrey from Westchester, NY Comments

Jeffrey got a mesh router and he's having issues with his Sonos home theater system. Leo says that it's always a challenge to use Sonos with mesh, but he can get it done. Keeping the Sonos in Boost mode and updating his firmware will help. Leo has a few links to read up on:

Watch Chuck from Rochester, NY Comments

Chuck is using Dragon Naturally Speaking on the Mac, but he just found out that Dragon is discontinuing support for Mac. What are his alternatives? Leo says that Windows and Mac both have voice recognition and dictation now, so it may be that they discontinued it because the market is drying up. Google is also doing this. Sadly, it won't have nearly as many voice features as Dragon did. One thing he could do is use the Windows version and dual boot his Mac as a Windows machine using BootCamp.

Meanwhile, here's Dragon's Alternatives according to

Watch Bob from Rolling Hills Estates, CA Comments

Bob lives in a desert and he's he's stuck with Frontier as an ISP. Leo says that a lot of people are commiserating with him because the access is so bad. They want to charge him $100 for 720kbps. Leo says that's totally unusable. Leo says it's likely because Bob is too far away from the central DSL station. If he had cable internet access, he'd be much better off. He also can't get satellite internet via Dish. Leo says the state of internet in the US is shameful, and Frontier is the worst amoungst them. At best, we have a duopoly, or maybe even a monopoly. What Leo recommends is getting internet access only from Cox. They will attempt to tell him they can't, but it's an FCC law that they have to.

Another option is WildBlue by Exede. But it's very expensive and has limited bandwidth. He won't be streaming movies with it.

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Watch Rob from Columbus, OH Comments

Rob can't seem to get Dolby Atmos out of his TV. Leo says that most TVs don't support Dolby Atmos, so he may need to get a new player and receiver that supports it. He'll also have to have enough speakers, including two "up firing" speaks in order to get Atmos at Home. The latest Apple TV just had Atmos at Home enabled. Roku's higher end players also support it. Netflix has a list of streaming devices supporting Atmos here.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard wants to know how to send pictures to friends and family. His email won't let him attach them because they are too big. Leo says the best way is to put them up on Google Photos and then send them a link so they can download them.

Watch Ernie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ernie wants to know what's the best internet provider in L.A. Leo recommends going to for reviews.

Watch Duke from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Duke wants to get data off an old external hard drive that's stopped working. Leo says the drive is probably fine, but the enclosure has most likely died. Leo suggests using the NewerTech Universal Drive adapter. He can connect the drive to his computer with the adapter, and then he'll be able to access it like a regular hard drive. Then it's a simple drag and drop. He may have to break open the plastic tabs to get into the enclosure, though.