Why can't I see my email in Microsoft Outlook?

Episode 1550 (33:13)

Terry from Seal Beach, CA

Terry created an "alias" through Outlook for his email, but now it's not working. Leo says that Microsoft has a discussion about this known issue here. The fix was not to use the auto account setup, but to manually set it up. But that hasn't helped Terry. Leo suspects that since Microsoft killed MSN Mail, that could be the issue.

Another issue is that Terry can't get the email in Windows 7, but in Windows 10, he can. Leo says that the "new and improved" Outlook may have caused the problem in Windows 7. If he could view it in "classic" view, he may be able to see it. The good news is that his mail is there and available. He just can't see it. But unfortunately, Microsoft has made it impossible to go back to "classic" view. Leo recommends trying a different browser, like Edge or Chrome. That way he's avoiding the upgraded view in I.E.

That chatroom says that there's a new feature called Focused Inbox that could also cause the issue. It's in the settings. If he turns that off he should be able to see it.