Can I use my phone as my only computer?

Episode 1550 (1:32:57)

Diane from Chicago, IL
Galaxy Note 9

Diane got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and she loves it. She hears that she can make it her main computer, is that true? Leo says if she gets the optional DeX Pad dock, she can. She'll just connect her phone to the dock, and then the dock is connected to a keyboard, monitor and mouse. And since she's already spent $1,000 on her phone, what's another $70 for the dock? But it won't be as powerful or as flexible as a Windows machine. It relies on proprietary apps by Samsung. But she could use it to access a standard Windows machine via remote access.

The chatroom says there are third party DeX docks that aren't proprietary. The Intel NUC, on the other hand, can run full windows. But she can get a full laptop for the price of a NUC. A Chromebook, for instance.