What's a good email client for IMAP?

Episode 1548 (11:40)

Terry from Amarillo, TX
Business man using a Mac

Terry got a new Mac for an early Christmas present and is waiting awhile to reinstall stuff. Leo says that's a good idea. It's much better to only install new programs as needed. Every program he installs is a potential security risk, so he should install as little as possible.

Terry would also like to move away from the Exchange server of his Office 365 and go with IMAP, but he doesn't want to lose his email. Leo says that he can always use another email provider, like Gmail, or even FastMail to go out and get his old email and save it. Once he gets it onto the new server, he can download an email client that supports IMAP. Apple Mail is good, but if he wants something with more power, Leo recommends Freron MailMate.