Should I buy a new router?

Episode 1548 (2:06:00)

Gordon from Long Island, NY
ASUS Tri-Band Gigabit (AC3200) WiFi Router

Gordon hears that after about 3 years, routers become less secure and outdated. So does he have to replace his ASUS AC3200 router? Leo says often, news agencies read copy from an electronic press kit. Routers are getting hacked, but if he bought a good router from a company that updates the firmware regularly, then he's OK. ASUS uses DD-WRT, which is updated regularly. So all he has to do is keep them updated.

Should he buy a NetGear Orbi Mesh router so he can use his Wi-Fi outdoors? Leo says if he's getting a good deal on it, it's a great product and does extend the range of his Wi-Fi.