Where is my email?

Episode 1547 (1:50:45)

Kathy from Maryland

Kathy is blind and Comcast changed her email settings. She had a friend come over and reconfigure it for her, but there's still errors happening. Leo says that Comcast isn't really supporting POP3 access anymore. They allow it, but they prefer she'd use IMAP. So if her friend set it for POP3, have him come back over and change it to IMAP. One way to check is to use her browser. She can also verify if her email is there. If it is, then she'll know it's IMAP. If they aren't, it's POP. It's also possible that her screen reader can't read it because of the formatting, but it should be in plain text, which is readable. But then again, Microsoft may have changed it to the point that it can't be read.