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Episode 1555

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5G and Internet of Things devices will be the highlight of CES 2019 this week, troubleshooting a laptop that can't access Wi-Fi, using Google Chromecast Audio for music, the problem with using SMS for 2 Factor Authentication, how to restore a Chromebook, using a mesh router with a Comcast modem/router, using a static IP with a mesh router, how to produce a video podcast, and Sam Abuelsamid debuts his weekly segment about cars.

Episode 1554

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8K UHD TVs at CES 2019 with Home Theater Geek Scott Wilkinson, restoring deleted data off an iPhone, issues texting with Google Voice, update breaks Android Auto, Chrome OS all-in-one recommendations, Johnny Jet travel tips with LAX Map Alerts and renting pools with Swimply, booting issues on a 15-year-old PC, pulling data off an Android phone with a broken screen, TV speakers that stopped working, and Dick DeBartolo's three favorite Giz Wiz gadgets from 2018.

Episode 1553

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A look back at the best calls and guest appearances of 2018.

Episode 1552

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A look back at the crazy tech stories of 2018, installing apps on a Chromebook, changing the battery in a MacBook Pro, security cams that can be installed in a truck, what to do with a swelling iPhone battery, using an antenna for local TV, and Chris Marquardt has the last photo assignment of the year.

Episode 1551

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Big questions for the future in tech, troubleshooting Microsoft Word formatting on a Mac, surround sound speaker placement in a room that is not symmetrical, connecting a Sonos speaker to a mesh network, alternatives to Dragon Naturally Speaking for the Mac, finding a better ISP in your area, finding devices that stream Dolby Atmos, sending collections of photos by email, getting data off an old hard drive and more of your calls!

Episode 1550

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What antenna to get if you want to get rid of cable TV, resolving an issue with Microsoft Outlook not showing all email, new things you can do with Amazon Echo, how secure Android really is, using a smartphone as a primary computer, why a DVD player is only showing black and white, improving Wi-Fi signal, why a printer won't print, Johnny Jet talks about one of the most exclusive lounges at LAX, and Chris Marquardt talks about how good smartphone cameras are getting.

Episode 1549

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The best computer to get a grandparent, what sound bar to buy, why a Blu-ray player might have inconsistent playback quality, Scott Wilkinson talks about 4K HDR projectors, watching TV with headphones and speakers, Wi-Fi dropout problems, the best device for video calling, can a smartphone be tracked while it's powered off, and Dick DeBartolo has a device for keeping your smartphone in front of your face.

Episode 1548

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Smartphone sales are declining, best email client for IMAP, using Wi-Fi calling with a carrier, what the future holds for self-driving trucks, using multiple monitors with a MacBook Pro, SD cards for taking pictures, why Windows might prompt you to reactivate, Chris Marquardt talks about the rise of professional Instagram photographers, and more of your calls.

Episode 1547

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More than 250 deaths taking selfies worldwide, the best way to store cables while traveling, new features for Amazon Echo, printer malware, finding a "vanilla" Android phone, Australia's anti-encryption law and more of your calls!

Episode 1546

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What 4K TVs to buy, using Mint for online banking, what MP3 player to buy, turning off active noise cancellation on an Android phone, best computer for a student, using Time Machine for backups on macOS Mojave, how to switch email providers, best computer for accounting, Chris Marquardt has photography tips, and more of your calls.