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Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian wants to know what's a good choice for cable management, while traveling. Leo says that there are plenty of choices out there, but Leo tends to buy cables from Nomad, because they have cable straps attached.

There's a great system called the Cocoon Grid It, which has a bunch of rubber straps in a gridded array that he could use to keep his cables secure and tangle free. There's also the ThinkTank Cable Management Bag and Case Pouch.

It's also a good idea to wrap his cables using the over/under technique perfected by audio engineers. He should look on YouTube for how to do it.

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Watch Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA Comments

Doctor Mom calls in to talk about new features with Amazon Alexa/Echo. You can now not only link your Echo to your cellphone to make calls, but you can also make Skype calls. And while they have Bluetooth built in, you can't add a headset. It's all speakerphone. Apple is going to be showing up on Amazon for the holidays, which Doctor Mom says will kill the HomePod. A great, but overpriced speaker system. Leo says you can also tie your Echo to the Big Mouth Billy Bass. There's also a new Echo Input, which is essentially an Echo without a speaker that you can plug into a speaker system.

Watch Scott from Orange County, CA Comments

Scott went to the recent ReInvent convention for Amazon services and he learned a lot about the power of data in the cloud. Leo says that Amazon is the clear leader in cloud based web services, trouncing Google and Microsoft. And the irony is, it was largely an afterthought to their retail business. Leo now thinks that Amazon's goal is to get a fraction of every financial transaction on the planet. Even a penny would amount to trillions of dollars.

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Watch Tim from Kansas Comments

Tim is tired of getting phones with overlays and corporate logos in the OS. Where can he get a simple, vanilla Android phone? Leo says that the Google Pixel 3 is what he'll want, and there's some great deals to be had. And with the new Night Shot mode, it's by far the best phone on the market right now. The key though, is to avoid getting it through a carrier.

He can also just go with Apple and the iPhone. It's about as vanilla an experience as he could get, considering it's Apple. How different is it? Leo says he'll have a learning curve making the change, but it's largely muscle memory. Once he gets it, it's very easy. Apple is more secure and private, too. The iPhone is a very good choice. but if he wants to stay with Android, he should get the Google Pixel 3. And he should check out Google Fi, too.

Watch Kathy from Maryland Comments

Kathy is blind and Comcast changed her email settings. She had a friend come over and reconfigure it for her, but there's still errors happening. Leo says that Comcast isn't really supporting POP3 access anymore. They allow it, but they prefer she'd use IMAP. So if her friend set it for POP3, have him come back over and change it to IMAP. One way to check is to use her browser. She can also verify if her email is there. If it is, then she'll know it's IMAP. If they aren't, it's POP. It's also possible that her screen reader can't read it because of the formatting, but it should be in plain text, which is readable. But then again, Microsoft may have changed it to the point that it can't be read.

Watch Steve from Nashville, TN Comments

Steve's printer is suddenly printing out ads. What the heck? Leo says there's a good chance he got nailed by either a browser hijack, or malware that has replaced his printer driver. He recommends using Malware Bytes, by only get it from the original creator. The chatroom says that there is a printer exploitation tool kit out there on the web. It could be that there's malware in the HP firmware as well.