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Episode 1546 December 2, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Marcello from California Comments

Marcello wants to get a new 4K TV to go with his new home. Should he wait for HDMI 2.1? Leo says the only real reason to wait for HDMI 2.1 is to buy an 8K TV, which isn't really practical right now because they're too expensive and there's no content for them. It's still a few years away. The more important feature is HDR. So there's no real reason to wait. If money is no object for Marcello, then the LG C8 OLED is the best TV ever. But it's $8,000 for a 70". If he can afford it, it's gorgeous display. But Leo's not all that thrilled with the smart features.

When he gets it, he's going to have to upgrade everything including his Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and home audio. He'll also want to get a UHD Blu-ray player as well.

Watch Jeff from Raleigh, NC Comments

Jeff wants to use Mint online, but he's concerned about putting his data online. Leo says that Mint is very secure and he uses it for his business at Tech Guy Labs. Does Mint work with 2 Factor Authentication? Leo says yes, and it does support password vaults like LastPass. But all the security in the world doesn't protect him from a data breach.

Is he protected when using a VPN? Leo says yes, but it would slow him down somewhat. A better solution is Tiny Hardware Firewall. PrivacyTools.IO is good, but only for those who live outside of the US or UK. And only if there's a very good reason to stay private, like a political dissident.

Watch Charles from Whittier, CA Comments

Charles' CD player is dying, so he's thinking of getting an MP3 player. Leo says that physical media is fading away and going digital is a good idea. He can take all the CDs he owns and "rip" them into an mp3 format. But it's likely that everything he owns and wants to listen to are available now using music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music. They're around $10 a month or $15 for a family plan. And they offer offline downloading to listen as well. It's a good idea to try the free tier to see if that will work for him and then subscribe.

Or he can get an iPod Touch for $200 for 32GB, which is a lot of room. But if he already has a smartphone, he doesn't really need one.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Joseph from Kalamazoo, MI Comments

Joseph wants to know if there's any way to turn off active noise cancellation on his Motorola Moto. It is cancelling out his own voice! Leo says that under voice privacy, there is a voice cancellation feature. He can disable that. Motorola says it needs to be physically repaired in the phone. If that doesn't work, he can always put tape over the second mic.

Watch Mel from Anchorage, AL Comments

Mel wants to buy his grandson a new computer. He wants to spend around $400 or less. Leo would recommend a Chromebook for that price. There are Windows machines in that price range, but they're not very good. A Chromebook will give him more bang for his buck and it's really secure. But he won't be doing any gaming on it. Most school work is done on them, so it makes for a good school computer. Leo likes the Chromebook Pro, but the Chromebook Plus is also good. It comes with a touchscreen and a stylus.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mikah from Maine Comments

Mikah left Spectrum internet service, but a recent deal they offered him got him back into the fold. The deal, however, had to include their phone service as well. He was able to continue using his own modem for the internet. He was using an older router before they arrived, but after they came, his router wouldn't work anymore. He had a brand new router, but that wouldn't work at all. He went and got a Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 router, but he's wondering why his other two routers wouldn't work.

Leo says they will record the MAC address of the router and the cable modem. In some cases, when a new MAC address is attached, they won't work with it. But since he was using that router already, they do know about that MAC address. Leo says there are ways to get it working. Shutting the whole system down, and reconnecting everything can sometimes fix it. That didn't work, though. Leo says there's no way those routers would be incompatible. This one is a bit of a mystery.

Watch Charles from Virginia Beach, VA Comments

Charles wants to know the best way to set up Time Machine on his Mac with macOS Mojave. Leo says that in the new OS, there is a new APFS file system, and there have been backup issues with Time Machine and others. He may need to use an external drive formatted with the old HFS file system. That will insure that if his internal drive dies, his backup is secure. Leo also recommends not using Time Machine as his primary backup system. He should make an image backup with SuperDuper.

Watch Bob from Lisbon, CT Comments

Bob wants to transfer his old Yahoo email. How can he do that? Leo says that there's a great mail app on the Google Play store called K-9 Mail. He can use it to set up a POP3 account and then use it to download his old email and contacts. Another option is ProtonMail, which is encrypted.

Watch Ken from Glendale, CA Comments

Ken is starting his own accountant firm and wants to know what computer would be best for accounting. Leo says that the current trend is to use online bookkeeping, and what operating system he uses really doesn't matter. Having said that, he can save a lot of money with a Windows machine. Dell makes a great, professional platform. The Lenovo ThinkPad is also a good option. There is a ThinkPad with a number pad, too, which is ideal for data entry.

Watch Frank from Southern California Comments

Frank's wife is getting into real estate and bought a Lenovo IdeaPad. Leo says that's a good mobile platform for what she does. It's a consumer oriented computer though, and as such, it won't be as robust as the ThinkPad, but it's a good tool for the price. So for professional work, a ThinkPad is really a better move.