Why doesn't my touchpad work?

Episode 1545 (1:25:09)

Greg from New Brunswick, CAN

Greg has a Samsung laptop computer. He had to reinstall Windows 8.1 and wants to upgrade to Windows 10. But his touchpad isn't working, even though Windows says it does. Leo says that he suggests using the actual drivers from the manufacturer. Often they will be different from the Windows driver and will be designed for that model. Chances are, it's a Synaptic touchpad. If that doesn't work, then maybe the touchpad is broken or the cable is loose. Also, the chatroom says that there is a function key, it could be F9, that will turn off the trackpad. So he may have accidentally pressed that and disabled it.

As for upgrading to Windows 10, Greg can't use Inspector from Steve Gibson because it's grayed out. Leo says to go ahead and install Windows 10 first. Often that fixes many issues like that. But if it isn't working after that, Leo says it may be that his model isn't covered by the software. it's only written for a select range of computers. He should go to GRC.com/Inspectre.