Which mesh router should I buy?

Episode 1545 (1:49:43)

Mark from Moreno Valley, CA

Mark is moving to a new house and he's looking to get a mesh router system for it. Should he go with Google Wi-Fi or Eero? Leo says of the two, Leo recommends Eero. He's used both and he's found that Eero is the best of the two, although he also uses Plume. The Netgear Orbi is good as well. At this point, all of them are pretty good. It's in the the software where the differences begin. But it's usually a subscription rate. Plume, for instance, won't work unless he would continue paying the subscription fee. That's a controversial decision, but Plume says it's vital to keep the network secure. Eero has a subscription for additional features, but it will work without that.