What are my alternatives to a cable DVR?

Episode 1545 (1:57:46)

Larry from Denver, CO
TiVo Bolt

Larry has to find a way to cut the cable and save money. His cable DVR service is over $200 a month now. Leo says that's ridiculous. He can go over-the-air with an antenna and get a TiVo. As long as he gets clear reception. Then anything he doesn't get he can stream online.

Another option is to keep the cable subscription, and request a cable card instead. That way he's not paying the monthly rental on the Comcast cable box. The TiVo would act as his cable box. The downside, though, is that he'll have to pay the subscription service for TiVo to get the cable guide. Leo says that the TiVo Bolt is the one to get. They have over-the-air and cable versions. It can also network his TVs in every room to the TiVo.