Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1545 (1:12:42)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that the reported Marriott/Starwood hotel security breach really isn't the fault of Marriott since they bought Starwood after the security breach happened. But Johnny says that anyone who stayed at a Starwood hotel in 2014 really should be changing their passwords and monitoring their credit card activity.

Travel Tip - when you put your passport in your safe, put one shoe in the safe with it. That way you won't forget to get your passport when you check out. Leo recommends leaving a digital copy of your passport on your phone on in Evernote. Another tip for using your hotel safe is to try and open it with 0000. That's the hotel master code at some locations, and it's common knowledge. If you can open it, then you won't want to use that safe for your valuables.

Johnny says the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is amazing, especially the 4D dining experience. Check it out on Johnny's instagram here.

Website of the week - It's the largest boat rental site on the internet. All over the world.