Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1545 (2:12:24)

Dick DeBartolo

Dick resisted buying anything on Black Friday until around 10 PM, when he bought an Amazon Fire HD8 with Special Offers (and that means ads on your tablet) for $49.99. And ebates had an 8% cash back offer which dropped the price even further. But wait, there's more. Even at that price there was free one day shipping for Prime Members. It was amazing. As you'll see in the video, that low price includes ads, tons of ads! But you can pay $15 + taxes to remove them on Amazon. The new Show Mode is nice since it lets you see notices from pretty far away. The new version offers a better front camera and can take a larger SD card. The price is now back $79.99 with Special Offers, or about $95.00 more ad-free. Get the Amazon Fire HD8 on Amazon here.

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Here's a fun gadget for family fun for the holidays — a Reindeer Ring Toss Game. Something to get everybody, kids and adults, involved. Here's what Amazon says about them: Let's play Christmas Reindeer games! You throw 2 red and 2 green round rings onto the large Reindeer Antlers on your friend's head!Take turns wearing the antlers and make your own games. Great fun for your holiday party. It's funny and fun to play. Buy several and give them as party favors or Stocking Stuffers! – Well, you'll have to have this week's show to see the quality of these reindeer games. They're cheaply made and as you'll see by the reviews often don't inflate and sometimes have leaks in them. But through it all, most people said they still had fun.They don't seem to hold air which makes them look goofy on your head, but you can still play ring toss even if not totally inflated. It actually seems to make it funnier. Be sure to buy a 2-pack since the quality of the product is so low.

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