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Watch Patrick from California Comments

Patrick bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 at Best Buy for Black Friday. Can he just drop his SIM card in or does he have to get it activated? Leo says he should just be able to drop his existing SIM into it and get started. Leo says that the FCC doesn't like carrier locks if the carrier isn't subsidizing the phone. So all he'll have to do is call the carrier and ask them to unlock it, if he needs to. But if he's a Verizon customer, it shouldn't be locked at all, and since he's not switching carriers, it should work if it uses the same SIM. If it doesn't fit, he'll need to go to his carrier store and ask for a new one.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ Comments

Chip needs a router compatible with Verizon FIOS. He's about to get his rate raised and wants to dump his modem/router to save money. The chatroom says he'll only need to use the Verizon hardware if he is also subscribing to the TV service. So he can request a FIOS modem only, and then use his own router. Any router will work if he's just using data.

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Watch Chuck from Vermont Comments

Chuck learned recently that when you register your printer with Epson, they will double your warranty period. So that's a good tip for those looking to buy a printer.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Greg from New Brunswick, CAN Comments

Greg has a Samsung laptop computer. He had to reinstall Windows 8.1 and wants to upgrade to Windows 10. But his touchpad isn't working, even though Windows says it does. Leo says that he suggests using the actual drivers from the manufacturer. Often they will be different from the Windows driver and will be designed for that model. Chances are, it's a Synaptic touchpad. If that doesn't work, then maybe the touchpad is broken or the cable is loose. Also, the chatroom says that there is a function key, it could be F9, that will turn off the trackpad. So he may have accidentally pressed that and disabled it.

As for upgrading to Windows 10, Greg can't use Inspector from Steve Gibson because it's grayed out. Leo says to go ahead and install Windows 10 first. Often that fixes many issues like that. But if it isn't working after that, Leo says it may be that his model isn't covered by the software. it's only written for a select range of computers. He should go to

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Watch Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Jane has a ton of passwords and needs a password vault to keep them all straight. She was looking at LastPass and wants to know if that's the best one. Leo loves LastPass, and they are a sponsor on the show. He has been using it for ten years and it's very secure. But it's not the only option. There's also 1Password, KeePass, and DashLane. Leo likes LastPass because it works on everything he uses, including his Linux machine. So it's very easy to setup and use.

Watch Mark from Moreno Valley, CA Comments

Mark is moving to a new house and he's looking to get a mesh router system for it. Should he go with Google Wi-Fi or Eero? Leo says of the two, Leo recommends Eero. He's used both and he's found that Eero is the best of the two, although he also uses Plume. The Netgear Orbi is good as well. At this point, all of them are pretty good. It's in the the software where the differences begin. But it's usually a subscription rate. Plume, for instance, won't work unless he would continue paying the subscription fee. That's a controversial decision, but Plume says it's vital to keep the network secure. Eero has a subscription for additional features, but it will work without that.

Watch Larry from Denver, CO Comments

Larry has to find a way to cut the cable and save money. His cable DVR service is over $200 a month now. Leo says that's ridiculous. He can go over-the-air with an antenna and get a TiVo. As long as he gets clear reception. Then anything he doesn't get he can stream online.

Another option is to keep the cable subscription, and request a cable card instead. That way he's not paying the monthly rental on the Comcast cable box. The TiVo would act as his cable box. The downside, though, is that he'll have to pay the subscription service for TiVo to get the cable guide. Leo says that the TiVo Bolt is the one to get. They have over-the-air and cable versions. It can also network his TVs in every room to the TiVo.